Taking us back to simplier times.

When kids could be kids and gators could be gators. Gators were voted the most dependable in the pre-historic reptile class and basically are as carbon neutral as it gets.

Training camps where gators learn to not buck, or eat their riders took about 20 years and many lost lives. “A small sacrifice for the greater good.” Said Klaus Schwab in his book “Covid-19 – The Great Reset”. You’ll own nothing and maybe keep all your limbs.

Thierry Malleret co author of this book took a team of researchers to the Florida nuisance Alligator farm, where they capture gators that are reported in community lawns, pools and yards and repurpose these wild animals in teams of 3 trainers- 24 hours a day. Factories will start importing these nuisance gators for industrial training of these amazing prehistoric gators for children’s individual travel needs.

Thierry was quoted as saying, in their next book “The Great Narrative” that since humans are the carbon that the WEF wishes to eliminate, the 20% fatality rate is an acceptable percentage for the greater good. It’s looking like mass adoption will eliminate the need for diesel burning school buses. These buses will be turned into cargo containers style homes. This story is developing.

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