Welcome to small town Titusville, FL. Known for its dazzling views of Cape Kennedy and Space Visitor Park.

As you walk down the main street you see a beclowned abandoned house, where every window has a Ronald McDonald mannequin. For the Coulrophobic (clown phobic) it is a thing of wonder.

Walking down a small town street, striving to be charming again. Small overpriced boutiques that make you wonder if the sell online exclusively.

Fantastic homemade ice cream shops made with such love, games on the tables for kids to enjoy.

You continue walking, past the mural of the old Space Shuttle Atlantis and an inserted grumpy old man painted on for good measure.

As you continue along the path, you see an abandoned home, zoned for commercial turned residential, run down and ragged. You wonder if someone left their annual Halloween haunted house set up for the next year. Welcome to the clown house. He is waving at you. Hello children.

There are great restaurants to eat at, such as Hoffmans table. If you happen to find yourself here, it’s an amazing restaurant owned by a former NASA employee of 30 years. You can tell she is passionate about her business. She will make you feel welcome.

All around interesting small town in Florida, but if you are Coulrophobic, be advised.

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