The legend of the first Sex Pistols show at the upstairs room of the Saint Martin’s School Of Art in November 1976 an unknown opener named Bazooka Joe would become Adam Ant. The supposed 20 others in the audience would form The Fall, Siouxsie and The Banshees, etc. There are a ton of documentaries and all the right people say they were in attendance. The political climate, the lack of direction for the youth, the uncollected trash filling the streets- in the post world war II- Baby Boomers were listless, poor and had no future, and England was dreamin.

This punk DIY revolution led to a musical reniassance, a reclaiming of the creative process – even with people like Malcolm McLaren calling the shots, he thrived on creating the tension and environment in the worst ways imaginable. Where are these types of people now? The so called modern day formulaic soul-less autopitched AI generated music is a complete and utter disaster.

Apps like Bandlab place the power in your hands to write a song while you are on the toilet. You can choose from a mountain of samples, synth pads, music templates- and record and write all in 10 minutes. I think that it is time we all spend some time restoring our creative God given talent and go analog on purpose, create in the basement and remember the purpose and beauty of the creative process itself.

We need to fire the music “Industry” as there was a hostel take over long ago. Their hands are so bloody with the deaths of so many talented and beautiful souls. We need a modern day revolution in the world of Music and Art. No one wants to see another death at 27 from consumption via a limitless supply of hedonism, yes men & poison. When I think of Capitol Records, I see a similar business model as with factory farming. If the creative person is writing for them, owned by them in perpetuity forever- it is some ways worse.

I feel that we are near a flashpoint – in the cycles. Someone please tell the new reincarnated Elvis he is needed now, and desperately. It’s time to get this new art de-evolution started.

Even Elvis was a blatant theif but appeared in a “pretty” enough package for music industry executives to create the star imagine. Who was in control of the creative process? All of the brilliant souls who made him possible, should be applauded. The music writers who wrote the factory songs for mass consumption- are the hidden magicians. Thank you Florence Kay.

Here is an interesting article about the throttling of the music farm folks-

The future of music is in our hands and deserves a retrograde cycle on the systemic level. Certainly punk has been played out, the marrow sucked out. The Grunge era seemed to be the final nail in the coffin of the rise of DIY music making. The death of Kurt Cobain certainly ended that era. My question now is, is there a pure music underground – and maybe i’ve missed it.

Grab your tape recorders and make something beautiful for the sake of it – no goals, just create.

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